Security Lock & Safe Inc. provides on-site master key services for small business and more complex commercial and industrial buildings. Call today to learn how to make accessibility within your business more controlled and secure. We will be happy to provide you with a free on-site estimate.
ASSA High Security Locks
ASSA products are designed to upgrade security in commercial and residential applications offering retrofit cylinders for all major lock manufacturers. We also offer a full line of high security deadbolts, padlocks, and auxiliary locks, all listed under U.L. 437; a set of tests for determining the cylinder's physical resistance against various forms of attack.
KABA ILCO Pushbutton Locks
A standard in the industry, Kaba Ilco mechanical and electronic pushbutton locks offer a convenient way to control access between public and private areas. There are no keys or cards to manage, no computers to program, and combinations can be changed in seconds without removing the lock from the door. Security Lock & Safe Inc. offers installation and service on all Kaba Ilco pushbutton locks and will teach you how to program your own. For more information please contact 416-609-9711
Door Reinforcement Hardware
Protect your door from kick-ins. Security Lock & Safe Inc. offers a full-line of door reinforcement hardware for both residential and commercial applications. Buying a new lock? There is no better way to add additional security to your home or business then by adding a door protection plate or latch guard now available in various B.H.M.A. finishes. Please call 416-609-9711 for more information.
LCN Door Closers
Security Lock & Safe Inc. offers a full range of LCN brand closers to fit any door control need. LCN has been manufacturing closers for over 100 years, and is known in the industry as the "Last-Closer-Needed." For more information on replacing your old worn-out closer with an LCN brand closer on your home or business, please contact SLSI today!
MASTERLOCK Pro-Series Padlocks
Masterlock's pro-series padlocks are the perfect indoor/outdoor security solution. Manufactured with a heavy steel body, hardened steel shackle, dual deadbolt locking mechanism, and 5-pin tumblers to resist picking. The pro-series line of padlocks can also be retro-fitted with ASSA High Security cylinders for extra pick resistance and drill attack security features. To have your complex secured by Masterlock please contact Security Lock & Safe Inc. for a free quotation.
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SLSI Locksmith Services

Security Lock & Safe Inc. has been providing physical security solutions to Toronto and surrounding areas since 1987. We offer on-site installations, service, and sales. For a free quotation on any of our products or services please call 416-609-9711.

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